Bliss & Blush Bride

Bliss & Blush is ideal for brides-to-be who already know WHAT they want for their dream wedding but not yet WHO they want in the team to help them pull it off.

Bliss & Blush is also perfect for the bride-to-be who only has a vague idea of what they want their wedding to look like but would like to leave it to the professionals to wow them with ideas for their wedding – they just need suppliers who are available, have previous work which they consider amazing, and are within their budget.

Bliss & Blush can help both types of brides-to-be to have a stress free and easy wedding planning experience because it’s super easy and convenient to find and discover suppliers in our photo-filled directory and contact them all in one go. No need to research their contact info and keep typing in your requirements only to find that most of those you have contacted are not within your budget or unavailable on your date.

Having access to all these suppliers all in one place is like going to a Bridal Fair – but slightly better because you can “talk” to all suppliers all at once and wait to hear back from all of them – usually within 24 hours. Of course there’s no better way to get to know a supplier except through a personal meeting so we encourage you to setup a meeting with these suppliers once you’ve gotten their availability and pricing.

Why Bliss & Blush was Created

Bliss & Blush was created to address the problem of not having an easy way to go through suppliers listed in a directory – or a way to quickly check if their work matches your style.

If you visit a Wedding Directory site, you are presented with lots of suppliers but you will need to go through each page and click on their Social Media pages to find their work. Bliss & Blush presents the best work of the suppliers Instagram style so it’s easy to see if you like or don’t like their work – enabling you to browse through lots of suppliers’ work in a short time. This will make you confident that you’ve done enough research and have picked the best of the best.

Bliss & Blush is what you get if you marry a Wedding Directory and Instagram. The perfect combination results in a photo-filled directory which allows brides to quickly and easily shortlist the best suppliers to help pull-off their dream wedding.

Bliss & Blush benefits brides and local wedding suppliers because it’s a convenient way for them to find each other and achieve the goal of a spectacular wedding as envisioned by the bride and make the event a great addition to the supplier’s professional portfolio.

How it Works?

Already have a wedding mood board for your perfect wedding? Great! Let’s help you find those suppliers who can help you make your dream wedding spectacular!

Just browse through the real wedding images on Bliss & Blush and find a supplier who has done a similar style of your dream wedding and whose previous work is one you absolutely love.

Rather than bringing you more of the same with endless lists of vendors, we believe that pictures are worth a thousand words so we’ve categorized and tagged Real Wedding Photos of local couples so you can easily sort the images according to what type of supplier looking for. The suppliers on Bliss & Blush are a mix of well respected suppliers in the industry and the best up-and-comers we are loving

You’ll be able to see the best work of each supplier in each category and bookmark those whose work you like so you can further review their portfolio and contact them later for their availability and pricing.

The Bliss & Blush team can help you contact your preferred supplier or all suppliers in the category you’re looking at to see if they’re available on your wedding day and if they are within your budget.

Your preferred supplier is not available or out of your budget? Don’t worry, we have lots of suppliers on Bliss & Blush who can work within your budget – take a look at their style and book the supplier if you like their style.

You can easily browse through and get quotes from hundreds of suppliers in a short time – making your wedding planning easy, simple, and stress-free!