Submit A Wedding

First of all, thank you for your interest in submitting your wedding or shoot to Bliss & Blush! We’d love to have a look at your submission and see if it’s a good fit for our readers – if it’s pretty, puts a smile on the reader’s face, or just gives the reader a warm fuzzy falling in love feeling, then we’d love to see it!

Simple Steps:

1. Provide 40-60 photos of the wedding or engagement shoot for us to choose from.
2. Photos should be at least 600px wide with a 72dpi resolution so it looks great on the site
3. Please include photos during pre-ceremony (prep shots), at church, and include lots of photos for little details: wedding bouquet, bridesmaid fashion, wedding cake, reception table, wedding invitations, reception decor, etc
4. Compress all these photos into one single ZIP file and name it as follows [bride-groom-wedding].zip
5. Fill out the form below and attach the zip file

Please make sure you provide all needed information so we can process your submission.

Submit a Wedding